Professional Re-Felting: Is It Right for You?

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Is the felt on your pool table stained, scratched, or damaged?  If the felt on your pool table has seen better days, then it may be time for you to consider re-felting your table. Most pool tables need new felt every three to six years, although some may need it sooner if they tend to get a lot of use. While you may think that re-felting a pool table is a simple task, the truth is that it’s complicated and it can even be dangerous. Before you take on the task of DIY pool table re-felting, stop to consider all of the reasons for hiring a professional to replace the felt on your pool table.

Save Time

When it comes to re-felting a pool table, this process can be time consuming, especially if you’ve never done it before and you’re trying to learn as you go. You will have to remove some of the parts of the table, such as the rails, in order to replace the felt, and doing so with the right amount of care can take some for those who are inexperienced. Most people don’t have that kind of time to spare, and if you’re trying to save your valuable time, then it only makes sense to let a pool table re-felting pro handle the job for you.

Save Money

While it might not seem this way at first thought, hiring someone else to re-felt your pool table can actually save you money. Even though you’re going to hire someone else to do the labor, you’ll ensure that there are no costly mistakes made throughout the process. If you’re trying to re-felt the table on your own, you may end up choosing the wrong material or cutting it inappropriately, and this could end up costing you a great deal of money. You can save money by turning to pool re-felting pros who have the expertise necessary to re-felt your table without any mistakes.

Protect Your Pool Table

Hiring a professional to re-felt your pool table can also help you to protect the investment you’ve made in your table. When you have knowledgeable professionals who know how delicate and intricate pool table re-felting can be, you won’t have to worry about your table getting damage during the re-felting process. This can give you some great peace of mind and ensure that your pool table is always in great condition.

If you’re in need of pool table re-felting, you can turn to the pros at Ed Nutter’s Billiard Experts. Call us today at 713-468-3312 to discuss your options with one of our billiards experts!

I was arrested for possession of a controlled substance in Rockwall. What penalties do I face if convicted?

I was arrested for possession of a controlled substance in Rockwall. What penalties do I face if convicted?

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If you’ve been arrested on drug charges, you need to run, not walk, to the most knowledgeable and competent criminal defense attorney you can find.  In the Rockwall area that would be Brian Corrigan. Possession, manufacturing and distribution of drugs can bring tough penalties, even if this is your first offense. A drug arrest has the potential to ruin your life. In Texas it is against the law to possess, manufacture, distribute or use illegal substances including narcotics, marijuana and heroin.

The punishment you face depends upon the quantity of drugs involved and the drug’s classification under the Texas Controlled Substances Act. The law also allows Texas courts to enhance punishments if you are found guilty of possessing a controlled substance in a “drug free zone” such as a school.

Drug crimes in Rockwall have a particular history of strict penalties upon conviction.  Such crimes include drug possession, sale or intent to sell drugs, illegal possession of prescription drugs, drug trafficking, importation, transportation, cultivation and more.  It is also illegal to abuse prescription drugs.

You can even be arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia.  According to Texas Health and Safety Code § 481.002(17), drug paraphernalia in Texas is defined as any equipment, material or product used to plant, cultivate, grow, harvest, propagate, manufacture, compound, convert, process, prepare, test, produce, analyze, test, package, repackage, contain, store or conceal any controlled substance, or to otherwise introduce any controlled substance into the human body.

An individual can be charged with possession of drug paraphernalia under Texas Health and Safety Code § 481.112 if they knowingly or intentionally use or possess with the intent to use drug paraphernalia for containing, growing, planting, cultivating, storing, harvesting, compounding, producing, manufacturing, converting, processing, testing, analyzing, or concealing any controlled substance or for the purpose of introducing a drug, chemic or controlled substance into the human body.

Depending upon the circumstances, convictions for possession of drug paraphernalia or possession of a controlled substance can range from a Class C Misdemeanor up to a state jail felony and a jail sentence from 180 days to two years as well as a $10,000 fne.

Call Brian Corrigan today at 972-722-5300.   This experienced criminal defense lawyer has tried over 150 jury trials.  He understands how the prosecutor, judge, and jury will view your case.

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Your marriage has fallen so far south, you feel like you are living on opposite poles. You have decided you are ready for divorce, but now what? Here are some of the basics that you’ll need to get started.

Texas is a no-fault divorce state, which means that you can file for divorce whether or not you or your spouse is at fault for the breakup of your marriage. The only reason that you need to give the court for wanting a divorce is that your marriage is “insupportable.” That is not to say that you can’t file for divorce if you or your spouse is at fault. You still can. If an at-fault divorce is filed, the court will assign blame to you or your spouse for any wrongdoing. Common examples of this are adultery, cruelty, and abandonment.

You need to look at your marriage and decide which to file. A no-fault may be easier to file, so you don’t have to worry about proving the wrongdoing to the court. On the other hand, the court can choose to take the wrongdoing into consideration in deciding the “just and right” way to divide your property.

Texas is also a community property state. This basically states that when you and your spouse were married, you became a community. All of the property from before the marriage and acquired during the marriage is now either separate property or community property.

Separate property is basically what you or your spouse owned before your marriage, is received by you or your spouse as a gift or inheritance during your marriage, or is personal injury awards to you or your spouse during your marriage. Simply put separate property is yours and only yours. Everything that is not separate property is then community property. Community property is split as equally as possible between you and your spouse. Keep in mind, while the court is looking for a “just and right” manner to spilt property, they can also consider whose fault it was for the break up, if 1 of you misused your money, any difference in your incomes, both of your ages and physical health, and who will have custody of the children, if there are any.

There is also spousal support, which is basically alimony and the Texas courts call it spousal maintenance. If you want to spousal maintenance or you feel like you should receive it, find out if you are eligible first. All cases start at $0, unless the one paying is accused of domestic violence. For the court to consider awarding spousal maintenance, you must show that you are unable to support yourself (basically meet your minimum reasonable needs) and one of three items. You must prove you are unable to support yourself due to a physical or mental disability, or your child requires substantial supervision or care, or show that you were married for more than 10 years. The court determines how much and for how long spousal maintenance will last, but they do place maximums of $5,000 per month and 10 years on it, barring special circumstances. The court may look into many aspects of your life including how long you were married and your education and employment skills.

Keep in mind that divorces are complicated and exhausting. There are so many details to go into that you are going to need a very strong attorney on your side. You need The LaFour Law Firm where they have experience and will walk you through your case. Call them at 713-223-7700 to schedule an appointment.

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How do I know if it’s my transmission that needs repair?

How do I know if it’s my transmission that needs repair?

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The best, fastest and most reliable way is to ask someone from Budget Transmission Masters, but if you like to DIY, then here are a few clues that your transmission may be in need of repair.  The happy truth is that often transmission problems can have a simple and inexpensive solution that involves merely replacing the transmission fluid and filter.

  1. Leaking transmission fluid is a telltale sign.  This is most often the signal that gets folks to a transmission expert.  They notice fluid spots in their driveway.  Check your transmission fluid levels and also note the color and smell.  Automatic transmission fluid is bright red, clear and sweet smelling when all is well.  If the transmission fluid level is low, dark and/or has a burnt smell, then it’s time to visit a transmission expert.
  2. Engine light comes on.  This can be an early indicator that something is starting to go wrong with your transmission although the engine light may come on for other reasons as well.  If you want to know if your check engine light is telling you about a transmission problem, you can purchase a diagnostic scan tool that you plug into your car underneath the driver’s side of the instrument panel. The scan tool will display a code that corresponds to the area of the vehicle causing the fault.  Or, of course, you can take your car into a qualified mechanic and have them identify the issue.

3. Refuses to go into gear.  If you have a manual transmission and the transmission refuses to budge when you depress the clutch pedal and attempt to move the stick shifter. Common causes include low transmission fluid, wrong viscosity (thickness) of fluid, or required adjusting of the shift cables or clutch linkage.

4. Transmission is Noisy in Neutral. This symptom might signal something serious such as mechanical wear that will require parts to be replaced for correction.

5. Gear slipping is another sign of transmission problems.  Sometimes the car will pop out of gear and back into neutral while you are driving down the road.  If this happens, you definitely need a transmission expert.

6. A dragging clutch is another transmission trouble sign. You will know this is the problem with your manual transmission as it is accompanied by a grinding noise when you try to shift gears and can’t because the still engaged clutch is still spinning with the engine.  More often than not the problem is too much slack in the clutch pedal.

With an automatic transmission you may feel the car shimmy into each gear rather than the typical almost unnoticeable shifts, or the transmission will make a jarring transition into the next gear.   Whether you have a manual or an automatic transmission, if you notice anything other than a smooth transition between gears, it’s time for a professional checkup.

Contact Budget Transmission Masters today.  We are Albuquerque’s transmission specialists.  For more information on how we might meet your transmission needs, call us at 505-255-8601.

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