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How do I know if it’s my transmission that needs repair?

How do I know if it’s my transmission that needs repair?

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The best, fastest and most reliable way is to ask someone from Budget Transmission Masters, but if you like to DIY, then here are a few clues that your transmission may be in need of repair.  The happy truth is that often transmission problems can have a simple and inexpensive solution that involves merely replacing the transmission fluid and filter.

  1. Leaking transmission fluid is a telltale sign.  This is most often the signal that gets folks to a transmission expert.  They notice fluid spots in their driveway.  Check your transmission fluid levels and also note the color and smell.  Automatic transmission fluid is bright red, clear and sweet smelling when all is well.  If the transmission fluid level is low, dark and/or has a burnt smell, then it’s time to visit a transmission expert.
  2. Engine light comes on.  This can be an early indicator that something is starting to go wrong with your transmission although the engine light may come on for other reasons as well.  If you want to know if your check engine light is telling you about a transmission problem, you can purchase a diagnostic scan tool that you plug into your car underneath the driver’s side of the instrument panel. The scan tool will display a code that corresponds to the area of the vehicle causing the fault.  Or, of course, you can take your car into a qualified mechanic and have them identify the issue.

3. Refuses to go into gear.  If you have a manual transmission and the transmission refuses to budge when you depress the clutch pedal and attempt to move the stick shifter. Common causes include low transmission fluid, wrong viscosity (thickness) of fluid, or required adjusting of the shift cables or clutch linkage.

4. Transmission is Noisy in Neutral. This symptom might signal something serious such as mechanical wear that will require parts to be replaced for correction.

5. Gear slipping is another sign of transmission problems.  Sometimes the car will pop out of gear and back into neutral while you are driving down the road.  If this happens, you definitely need a transmission expert.

6. A dragging clutch is another transmission trouble sign. You will know this is the problem with your manual transmission as it is accompanied by a grinding noise when you try to shift gears and can’t because the still engaged clutch is still spinning with the engine.  More often than not the problem is too much slack in the clutch pedal.

With an automatic transmission you may feel the car shimmy into each gear rather than the typical almost unnoticeable shifts, or the transmission will make a jarring transition into the next gear.   Whether you have a manual or an automatic transmission, if you notice anything other than a smooth transition between gears, it’s time for a professional checkup.

Contact Budget Transmission Masters today.  We are Albuquerque’s transmission specialists.  For more information on how we might meet your transmission needs, call us at 505-255-8601.

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Some Water Heater Problems


If you are like most of us, you don’t think about your water heater until you take a cold shower. Here are a few problems that can occur with your water heater on top of a cold shower.

1. Probably the most common issue related to water heaters is you don’t have hot water. This could be because of a faulty gas pilot or faulty gas pilot control valve. You might have a faulty gas thermocouple. The thermocouple is basically the gas pilot’s co-pilot. It senses if the pilot flame is hot enough to ignite the natural gas or propane fuel to the burner. If the thermocouple thinks it’s safe, then it will keep open the main gas valve. If it thinks it’s not safe, then it will shut off the gas valve.

2. The next most common problem, after not having any hot water, is not having enough hot water. Inadequate hot water can be caused by a number of things. You could have a unit that is undersized for your hot water demands, a broken or damaged dip tube allowing hot and cold water to mix inside your tank, or faulty plumbing installation crossed the hot and cold-water connections. You could even have a gas supply or control problem.

3. Taking a shower with rust colored water is never fun. If this happens you could be looking at corrosion inside a glass lined tank or your sacrificial anode rod is failing. The anode rod is designed to dissolve slowly to prevent rusting inside your tank from occurring.

4. Smell is an important part of our everyday life. What you don’t want to smell is a rotten egg odor from your hot water heater. This happens when bacteria in the tank sediment feed from the hydrogen gas inside your tank. The hydrogen gas comes from the decay of the sacrificial anode. Once the bacteria starts feeding, you get the nasty rotten egg stench.

5. Hearing noises like a low rumbling or high pitched whining should signal to you that something is wrong with your water heater just like when your car makes noises. The noise could be from water boiling in your tank. Excessive buildup of sediment in the bottom of your tank is causing your tank bottom to overheat and boil water.

6. Water leaks are never fun to deal with. Water puddles around the base of your water heater could be caused by a faulty temperature and pressure (T&P) relief valve or a T&P valve leak due to excessive pressure, overheating, or it’s stuck. You could even have a leak from a nearby or overhead plumbing connection or the tank itself is leaking from corrosion.

Problems with your water heater can seem like the end of the world, but don’t worry. Plano Plumbing & Leak Detection is here to help. They are experienced and will give you a free estimate. Call them at 972-672-8616 for 24-hour service.

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The Top 12 Benefits Of Inpatient Alcohol Rehab

The Top 12 Benefits Of Inpatient Alcohol Rehab

Inpatient alcohol rehab programs can be acquired through a hospital or in a private treatment center. Either way the patient in an inpatient alcohol rehab program is not allowed to leave the facility and must, in essence, live there until treatment is over.

Here are the top ten benefits of inpatient alcohol rehab over other types.

  1. Removing the alcoholic from the environment in which he is allowed to repeat his bad lifestyle patterns seems to help them recover fast.
  2. If the alcoholic is monitored 24 hour a day it is impossible for him or her to use as the inpatient alcohol rehab staff will always be watching
  3. Negative influences such as enabling friends, drinking buddies and codependents that push alcoholics to the brink of their sanity are not around to trigger the alcoholic into using alcohol
  4. Withdrawal symptoms can be severe enough that alcoholics need daily medical supervision in case they find themselves physically in trouble with withdrawal symptoms
  5. Inpatient alcohol rehab physicians will often prescribe medications to help ease the discomfort of withdrawal from alcohol
  6. If watched constantly the alcoholic cannot substitute one addiction for another, such as trade in an alcohol addiction for an addiction to painkillers or cocaine
  7. Loved ones are not exposed to the rage, self-pity and mood swings that are often part of the recovery process of withdrawing from alcohol
  8. There are psychologists and counselors available at all times to help the alcoholic deal with the anger, guilt and remorse that often comes with stopping drinking
  9. Living in an inpatient alcohol rehab forces the patient to focus on only one goal twenty four hours a day and that is completely recovering from alcohol addiction
  10. Alcoholics find understanding and companionship by socializing with other patients who are going through exactly the same type of thing that they are so they never feel lonely
  11. The special nutritional needs of the alcoholic are often part treatment at an inpatient alcohol rehab place and eating the right foods can definitely speed recovery
  12. The alcoholic does not miss Twelve-Step meetings for any reason as they are located right on the premises whereas outside the facility walls the alcoholic might be tempted to skip the meetings.

It is important to remember that no matter how many benefits it has an inpatient alcohol rehab program may not always help until the alcoholic has made a fully conscious decision to overcome his or her addiction.

The Addiction Hotline offers 24/7 drug addiction and alcohol addiction. Addiction is a disease that affects nearly all aspects of a person’s life. Call our compassionate people at (855) YES-REHAB

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Know Your Roof System

Knowing what roof system you have seems like pointless knowledge, but it would actually help you save time figuring out what materials you can use when replacing your roof. There are two general types: low slope and steep slope. They are measured with a pitch range system. The slope or pitch range is defined as the ratio of the rise to the run of the rafters. For example, a 4-inch rise to a 12-inch run would be expressed as 4:12.

Low slope roof systems include water impermeable or weatherproof types of roof membranes with slopes less than 3:12 (angled less than 14 degrees). There are five classifications of low slope systems that determine how the roof is constructed. Built-up roof (BUR) membranes are the typical tar and gravel roofs that you would see on business buildings. Metal panel roof systems for low slope applications are the structural metal panel roof you would see on flat-roofed sheds and similar buildings. Thirdly, polymer-modified bitumen sheet membranes are sometimes called “rubber roofs” as they are made from layers of hot asphalt or cold adhesive and some are self-adhering. Single-ply membranes are factory-manufactured and are categorized as either thermoplastic or thermoset. Thermoplastic can be repeatedly softened when heated and hardened when cooled. Thermoset solidify irreversibly after cooling. Lastly, spray polyurethane foam-based (SPF) roof systems are built by mixing and spraying a 2-component liquid. These five classifications all share three principal components. They are have at least one weatherproofing layer to keep water from getting into the roof system, a reinforcement layer to add strength and stability to the membrane, and a surfacing layer to protect the other two layers from sunlight and weather. One of these components can have more than one function in some systems.

Steep slope roof systems, on the other hand, include water-shedding types of roof membranes over 3:12 (angled more than 14 degrees). With these systems, there are six classifications. First, asphalt shingles are what you probably have on your house and are a very common roof system. Then there’s clay tile and concrete tile systems are the more visually pleasing systems that are becoming almost as common as asphalt shingles. Metal roof systems for steep-slope applications are used on sheds with pitched roofs and similar buildings. Slate systems are becoming more popular as their density and durability are being “rediscovered.” Wood shakes and wood shingles are usually seen on homes in forested areas and are made from redwood, pine, cedar, or cypress trees depending on which is more prevalent in your area. Finally, synthetic systems are manufactured products that mimic asphalt shingles, wood shakes or shingles, concrete or clay tile, or slate. They typically have recycled plastic or rubber as a key ingredient. These six systems also all have three primary parts. The roof deck is the structural base, the underlayment acts as a secondary weatherproofing barrier, and the roof covering is what you see as the external water shedding material.

Doing your research to find all of the information pertaining to your home can seem like an information overload. Don’t lose your mind! Call the right San Diego roofing contractor like Urbach Roofing at 760-471-5065 for help classifying your roof.

What To Look For When Selecting A Security Provider

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Having a safe and secure business is critical, considering your business is an incredibly valuable asset in and of itself. Choosing a security provider is an important decision that demands special care and is paid to some vital issues. There are several key issues to assess when selecting your security services partner.

The first important issue to look for when searching for a security provider is a partnering mindset. Determine if the security services company maintains site security standards that address the client’s mission, culture, and its priorities. They also must be focused on the employee’s needs.

The next important aspect to look for is employee retention. Quality security companies make this happen by establishing employee retention programs and a culture of excellence. Security officers and managers who are motivated are loyal to their employer and their job as well.

It is also important for security service firms to train their employees to be prepared in the course of their duties. Properly trained officer’s function with confidence will become satisfied with their work. The best security officer firms train their officers properly as it is essential for them to be servicing their clients to the best of their ability.

Here are some steps that will help you decide on a long time partner for your business. Firstly, build a selection team. The next step is to properly identify needed improvements. Reviewing your current program will help identify areas in need for improvement. Be sure to prioritize your objectives. Knowing what your specific businesses objectives are will help you select a firm that can meet your needs. Find the right experience. While every security program is unique, finding a provider with the right type of experience is important in identifying which provider is the best for you.

A successful relationship with a contract security provider is one based on trust, mutual goals and communication. Establish goals and objectives for both you and your contract provider and participate in regular reviews of the new security program in order to recognize milestones, make adjustments and recognize the exemplary efforts of the security staff. A high quality contract security provider is one who views security as a team effort and truly believes in and is dedicated to the safety and security of your employees and assets. That commitment will be evident in the company’s practices and training programs, as well as their ability to customize services to meet your individual needs. Call First Class Security today at 615-656-3300.